Start small, then grow big.

When you start your project, resist the urge to finalize all the details and include all the stakeholders. Instead, make contextual decisions and bring people on as the project moves through several iterations, enlarging your team and ambitions as you go.

Throughout the project, ask yourself:

What can we do with a lean team and a rough set of concepts, and how can we grow from there?

Review other mindsets.

Tactical Democracy is a toolkit to help you make meaningful person–to–person engagement in order to empower successful communities.

Learn about the Mindsets you need, how the Players behave and act; what Situations might be best to
deploy Tactics for engagement, to move the Players through their Journey, creating deeper empowerment.

Whoa, there's a lot of terms – check out the Glossary of Terms, and if you want to see everything, goto the sitemap.

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