Short-term to long-term thinking.

To have long-term impact, start thinking about the short- and near term actions that can sustain impact in the long run.

If you only think about long-term impact, you will grind to a halt: the projects, concepts, and prototypes will become so unwieldy that you can't complete them, and you won't be able to learn and think in stages.

Throughout the project, ask yourself:

What do we want to achieve tomorrow? In a month? In five years?

Review other mindsets.

Tactical Democracy is a toolkit to help you make meaningful person–to–person engagement in order to empower successful communities.

Learn about the Mindsets you need, how the Players behave and act; what Situations might be best to
deploy Tactics for engagement, to move the Players through their Journey, creating deeper empowerment.

Whoa, there's a lot of terms – check out the Glossary of Terms, and if you want to see everything, goto the sitemap.

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