Start with "do."

Your strategy should be to do things: sketching, being visual, and prototyping. Any time you get stuck, bring out the markers and construction paper and make something tangible to explore or test your ideas. You don't need to have interviewed every possible user or teased out every possible idea to get going.

Doing and making will help you learn faster and allow you to build on something concrete.

Throughout the project, ask yourself:

Are we balancing discussion with making and building?

Can we start testing an early idea now instead of waiting until it's "right"?

Review other mindsets.

Tactical Democracy is a toolkit to help you make meaningful person–to–person engagement in order to empower successful communities.

Learn about the Mindsets you need, how the Players behave and act; what Situations might be best to
deploy Tactics for engagement, to move the Players through their Journey, creating deeper empowerment.

Whoa, there's a lot of terms – check out the Glossary of Terms, and if you want to see everything, goto the sitemap.

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